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How can your business overcome the financial burdens of the past year?

Over the past year, Universal Funding has published a variety of articles that explore topics ranging from financial forecasting and avoiding bad debts to managing your cash flow. Out of all of those various articles, here are the ones that piqued the most interest from you—our readers—in 2021:

10 Tips for Determining B2B Customer Credit Terms

There are several crucial factors to consider when determining B2B credit terms. It would be unwise to extend standard credit terms to every customer without first carrying out a credit check and considering the implications for the business. This article contains ten tips to help companies extend appropriate credit terms to B2B customers.

How Much Are Your Accounts Receivable Costing You?

The cost of extending credit to customers goes beyond the financing costs. Managing accounts receivable also takes time. There is also an opportunity cost of having money tied up in unpaid sales invoices. This article explains the various factors to be considered when calculating the total cost of carrying accounts receivable.

5 Tips to Help You Collect Your Debts During the Holidays

Collecting on your accounts receivable can be hard during the holidays. You don’t want to be seen as grasping and unfeeling. Yet, you do need to get paid. This article looks at five ideas to keep in mind when you ask your customers to pay you when it’s the holidays.

How to Account for Factored Sales Invoices

When a business factors its sales invoices, another complication is added to the bookkeeping. However, accounting for factoring invoices is not as complicated as it might first appear. This article breaks down the bookkeeping entries required to record factored sales invoices.

10 Steps to Build and Maintain Cash Reserves

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded business owners of the need to maintain a reserve of cash. But building a cash reserve requires determination and practical steps. This article explains ten steps to help a company create the surplus funds needed to build up and maintain a cash reserve.

How to Prioritize Who Gets Paid When Cash Flow is Tight

It can be tricky deciding who to pay first when the business is short of cash. So, the cash flow will need to be managed carefully, and payments will need to be prioritized. This article explains the factors to be considered when prioritizing creditor payments during a cash flow crisis.

10 Reasons Why AR Should be Viewed As a Customer Service Function

Accounts receivable management is traditionally an accounting and finance function. But in customer-centric businesses, the AR department has at least one foot in the customer service department. This article explains why it’s best to view AR as a customer service function.

How to Manage Creditors During a Cash Flow Shortage

One of the worst aspects of dealing with short-term cash flow crisis is dealing with the creditors. But if the situation is managed well, creditors can be kept at bay while the business recovers. This article discusses strategies for managing creditors during a cash flow shortage.

How to Prevent Invoice Disputes Delaying Payment of AR Accounts

Disputed sales invoices are a common cause of the late settlement of customer accounts. One disputed invoice, though, should not prevent payment of the remainder of the sales account. This article offers tips to avoid and deal with disputed sales invoices.

8 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Boost Cash Flow

Staffing agencies cannot afford to pay employees and contractors late. So, accounts receivable and cash flow management are crucial to maintain operations and expansion. This article explains eight ways a staffing agency can improve its cash flow position.

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