Invoice Factoring for Business Cash Flow Needs

How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

Invoice factoring, also referred to as selling invoices or selling accounts receivables, is a process where companies sells their unpaid invoices to an invoice factoring company. The accounts receivable company, or factor, assigns a value to the invoice portfolio based on a variety of considerations including the industry they serve, the credit reputation of the debtors, and the total amount due. Once the factoring company reviews this information they are able to prepare a proposal that includes an advance rate (anywhere from 80-95%) and the fee for their services–Universal Funding’s fee can be as low as 0.55%.

By selling invoices, companies can focus on their more important issues such as creating more products and finding new customers, rather than dealing with the frustration of chasing down payment from sales that have already been made. If your business has invoices that are not only weighing down your balance sheet, but are costing you time, money and effort to collect, consider selling these invoices to an experienced invoice factoring company. 

A Fast Financial Solution

Cash is one of the most important things businesses need in order to keep the business cycle going. When businesses choose to offer goods and services on credit in order to entice new customers to make purchases, they often find themselves in a cash flow pinch. Invoice factoring for business cash flow needs is a great way to keep the business cycle moving by providing the necessary cash to fulfill orders without adding debt to the balance sheet.

Benefits of Factoring Companies

Smart business owners are always looking for ways to improve their cash flow. Some have realized the effectiveness of working with invoice factoring companies. Factoring companies purchase the accounts receivable (A/R) and provide business owners with necessary cash to pay for expenses such as payroll, inventory, office supplies, marketing, advertising and even taxes. While you could go to a bank for financing, when you do, you incur debt. It could also be a more time intensive process effecting your company’s credit as well as your personal credit. When you research invoice factoring companies, like Universal Funding, you will soon discover the many benefits of factoring receivables including how fast we provide you with cash on a high percentage of the balance due on your A/R. You will not have to fill out unnecessary, complicated forms or have to wait an extraordinary amount of time before you get your answer.

Instead of sending statements and reminders to customers who fall behind on their payments, you can spend your time growing your business and planning for the future. Don’t let cash flow problems bog you down when you have a simple and fast financial tool at your disposal.

What are Factoring Rates?

When a company considers factoring its receivables, one of the initial questions has to do with accounts receivable factoring rates and advance rates. Unlike other industries, accounts receivable factoring rates are not determined by a credit score and can’t be quoted over the phone without first answering a number of basic questions to determine which may affect rates.

Variables that Effect Invoice Factoring Rates

Rates can vary from below one percent to over five percent of the face value of the receivable. When a factoring company reviews an application to determine the factoring rate, it takes into consideration variables such as: a company’s sales volume, the credit strength of its clients, payment cycle trends in your industry, invoice amounts, and overall climate of your industry. Another item that can affect the rate is the existence or the opportunity for accounts receivable insurance. A company’s credit score or the number of years it has been in business aren’t major variables that influence rates.

How to get Accurate Quotes for Invoice Factoring Rates

Ultimately, the best way to truly know what rates your company can receive is to take a few minutes to fill out a simple one-page rate form. While that’s all it takes to get the process started, keep in mind that any quote given is simply a starting point. Factoring companies can’t guarantee any quote until all requested documents have been provided and all information has been verified.

Why Banks Decline and Factors Approve

It happens all the time: A factor will get a call from a company that needs business financing but was recently declined by a bank. These potential clients are fed up with the process of applying for financing and do not understand why banks don’t see the same growth potential the business owner does.

Banks, though, do not look so much at growth potential as they do number of years in operation, hard assets, real estate and equipment that can be used as collateral. Essentially, banks lend against things you own. That works great for companies with a long history of outstanding performance and impeccable balance sheets. If a company hasn’t been in business long, is in a growth phase or in the process of a turnaround, there may not be much for a bank to look at. Few assets plus a short track record equals no cash.

Let’s Look at this from a Factoring Perspective

When those prospective clients call and express their frustration with the financing process, a factoring company, such as Universal Funding, can often put them at ease and explain how it can help. Many factoring clients are companies that haven’t been in business long, or started out that way, but have since experienced fast growth and many years of profitability. Watching clients grow is proof that factoring works. Plus, a company that factors will never outgrow its financing. As the company grows, its line of financing grows too.

What will my Customers Think of Invoice Factoring?

One of the first questions a business owner will ask when deciding whether to factor invoices is, “What will my customers think?”.

The team at Universal Funding is highly professional and protective of your relationship with your customers. Many of your larger customers are already aware of factoring, as they are likely using it for their cash flow needs as well. Your customers can even benefit when you factor because they can choose to take advantage of payment terms that might not otherwise be offered to them. Once you’ve decided to factor you invoices, you can simply let your customers know that it is an important step for you business to keep up with growth while continuing to provide them with the same great service they have come to expect. They only change they will notice is who they will be remitting their invoices to.

End your search for an invoice factoring company today and contact Universal Funding. Give us a call today at 800.405.6035 or complete a rate form and a factoring specialist will get in touch with you right away.