Businesses, large and small, need to have a wide array of services and tools at their disposal in order to maximize their success. Factoring companies, like Universal Funding, can help a business through times when the dips in cash flow put a strain on daily operations. Without constant access to capital, businesses may not be able to meet payroll, purchase supplies, or sustain growth. When a business charges clients by invoice, they are often subject to gaps between payments. Because invoices are usually paid in a 30- to 60-day window, businesses can be left waiting for access to capital for months at a time.

A Quick, Simple Solution to Cash Flow Delays

Universal Funding offers a simple and quick solution to this delay–invoice factoring. Invoice factoring is not a loan; it simply gets businesses money that they’ve already earned–faster. When a business uses invoice factoring they have instant access to the money they’ve earned and can continue to operate their business with no gap in cash flow. You no longer have to worry about stretching capital until the next invoice payment comes in; you have access to your money when you need it.

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