Many aspects of a business will shift as it advances through various stages of growth and development. Of all the aspects that make up today’s business, finance and cash flow solutions are likely to change the most. This is especially true in the first several years of operation; larger organizations are likely to find themselves in need of funding solutions that are dynamic and dependable as they grow within their industry. The services offered by the top factoring companies  help your organization adapt to these changing financial demands.


Funding Essential Growth Operations

Selling accounts receivables is a simple and straightforward approach that the best factoring companies can accomplish in a matter of days, not months. This makes invoice factoring an ideal funding solution

for periods of rapid growth or unexpected expenditures. You can use the money generated by selling receivables to:

  • Hire new personnel
  • Fuel a new marketing campaign
  • Purchase new commercial real estate
  • Pay for remodeling and renovation
  • Take advantage of a new investment opportunity
  • Acquire new pieces of equipment

Key Benefits of Invoice Factoring

Cash Flow: Perhaps the biggest benefit achieved through invoice factoring is establishing a schedule of predictable cash flow. Factoring can help companies build more accurate budgets and keep projects on schedule. More cash can increase purchasing power with suppliers, increase production, purchase valuable business assets and much more.

Oversight of Accounts Receivable: Universal Funding can even offer complete oversight of your company’s accounts receivable department. This can include everything from billing, follow up, and collections. This service can be especially useful for small and midsize businesses that usually do not have a dedicated A/R department or staff. Small business owners and managers wear a lot of hats and having to allocate time for managing customer accounts can be distracting to say the least.

You might wonder, besides getting money right away, what else a factoring company can do for you.Here are the top 3 benefits of invoice factoring:

  1. Our application, approval, and funding cycle is often completed in a matter of days.
  2. Because you’re trading invoices for cash, you are creating no debt and thus no payments.
  3. The cost ranges from 0.5% to 3.0%. On average our clients get factoring rates between .55% and 2%.
Fund Your Company’s Next Growth Spurt

Don’t let cash flow determine your growth. With our fast and easy approval process, you can turn unpaid invoices into immediate capital. This quick, 60-second video shows how invoice factoring helps businesses like yours get access to capital fast:

60-second video







To learn more, call us today at 800-405-6035 or fill out our rate form and a factoring specialist will get in touch right away!

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