Today is a bluebird day. Blue skies with voluminous white puffy clouds skirt the snow-capped foothills. Don’t let the blue skies deceive you; it is early spring in the northwest. Our city is slowly melting out of winter during the long transition to spring. We treasure the view outside our office as we are the audience to the changing of the four seasons. The river that runs through the heart of our city runs parallel to the major interstate the runs from the east coast to the west coast. Our office rests between these two constant forces.

When you walk through the clear glass door into our office you are greeted by the administrative assistant and our giant logo on the wall so you know you have arrived at Universal Funding’s HQ. To the right is the corporate conference center where the executive team meets throughout the day regarding approval of new factoring prospects, addressing client requests, and meeting with the various departments. The south facing windows in the conference room allow the sunlight to fill the space and anyone in the conference room can view the hustle and bustle of the outside world go by.

In the front corner of offices the Account Executives are busy managing incoming invoices from clients to provide same day funding. Past the offices of the CFO and inside counsel, the walls are adorned with modern artwork. In the kitchen you will see the comings and goings of every employee. They stop in to fill up on coffee, tea, and water to stay hydrated and energized throughout the busy work day.

A little further down, the offices lining the east facing wall house the credit manager, compliance attorney and the underwriting team. The credit team and underwriters are working with prospective clients who have applied for our factoring services. In the northeast corner, the business development team members are taking incoming calls of new inquiries and preparing proposals after receiving applications. Everything starts back here and goes down the hall from the direction we just came from as each deal gets underwritten, approved, and funded.

This is the cycle of our business and this is the view from inside Universal Funding.