Make no mistake; the trucking industry keeps our country moving forward. Without it, there would be no fuel in our gas stations and no food on our grocery store shelves.
However, the companies that use your transportation services can make you wait for months on end before sending payment. This makes it extraordinarily difficult for trucking companies like yours to pay their drivers on time and buy fuel for their next haul.

If you operate a large fleet, a small fleet, a mini fleet, or are an owner operator; as long as you invoice at least $7,000 per week, we can help.
Due to the nature of payment cycles in your industry, you’ve probably heard of other drivers and owners talking about invoice factoring. Sign up for our factoring services and join the thousands of trucking companies that never worry about getting paid for the loads they haul.

When you partner with Universal Funding to manage your accounts receivables you will:

• Build a relationship with a dedicated factoring expert

• Be able to submit invoices electronically, and

• Have access to On-demand reporting from anywhere

Our goal is to make your fleet more profitable by allowing you to focus on your loads and the road. This fast financing solution allows you to take on more business because it keeps your cash flow positive so that you don’t have to turn down a load while waiting to receive payment from a job you did two months ago. Universal Funding will buy your invoices for immediate cash, which you can use to keep your business, and our country, running.

Call us at 1-800-405-6035 if you are ready to start working with the best factoring company in the States. One of our transportation factoring specialists will walk you through our process.

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