Meet Hank and Mary.  Together they own and manage H&M Marketing, which offers a variety of marketing services to local area businesses.  If a business wants to market their services via the internet, direct mail, radio, TV, billboards, newspaper, or magazine, H&M Marketing can do it.

growth chart

Their business has been steadily growing over the last two years.  Things were looking up until yesterday when they landed a big $200,000 account.  Now normally that would be a good thing, but the new account payment terms were negotiated at net 90.

Production expenses will run about $100,000.  Hank and Mary have about $25,000 in reserves.  That leaves them $75,000 short and they need the money in the next week to start the extensive marketing campaign.  Their bank would take 30 days to approve and the fees were nothing short of piracy.

Mary was conveying the situation to her friend who happened to be a CFO.  The friend asked if Hank and Mary had accounts receivables; invoices due by their customers.  Mary confirmed that they typically have over $100,000 in accounts receivables at any given time.

Mary’s friend suggested contacting Universal Funding.  “They helped my company out of a similar situation, turning our invoices into cash in a matter of days.  If they helped us, they can probably help you.”

With Universal Funding’s help, H&M Marketing gained access to $80,000 in a matter of days.  The project started on time and the new customer was ecstatic with their large scale marketing campaign.

Not only did H&M Marketing provide seamless services to their new client, they did it without a dime of debt.

If you’re a business service provider with a B2B model in need of a cash infusion, do yourself a favor and call (800) 405-6035.

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