Factoring Broker – Join Universal Funding’s Referral Program

As a business consultant and factoring broker your ultimate goal is to help the businesses you advise gain quick access to financing. Your clients look to you for experience and knowledge that will help their company grow. Even if you have little experience as a factoring broker, we will work with you to provide your clients with fast financing and quality service. As a factoring broker you will have the ability to deliver a high-quality financial service to your clients when traditional financing may not be a solution.   You will have one more avenue of financial strategy to add to your business consulting portfolio. factoring broker

The staff at Universal Funding Corporation has made it a point to always provide their clients with a high level of personal service and we will extend that level of service to your clients who you refer to for our factoring services.  When you join our broker referral program, you will work closely with an assigned Business Development Associate who will take the time to know you and your business.   They understand that many of your clients may be new to the concept of accounts receivable transactions  and will ensure that all their questions and  concerns are addressed.

When you work as a factoring broker who takes personal service seriously, you want your customers to experience the same level of quality with business service providers you recommend. This is important for any business relationship, and our team at Universal Funding Corporation makes it a priority to deliver a higher level of service than what is provided at many other factoring companies.

Anyone needing assistance with acquiring fast cash resources for the businesses they consult, and as long as those businesses have accounts receivables, should consider being a factoring broker with Universal Funding.  If you have clients that you think could benefit from accounts receivable financing and you would like to benefit from a high paying commission plan please call 1-800-984-4265 or submit our Broker Agreement, and one of our Business Development professionals will follow-up with you.

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