Why Factoring Is an Effective Tactic for Increasing Profits

Is your business poised to grow but you just can’t seem to find enough working capital to make your growth dreams a reality? For many small and medium businesses, the realities of meeting day-to-day obligations like payroll, leases, and inventory costs prevent them from ever reaching their true potential. Learn how invoice factoring increases profits so you can decide if it’s the right choice for your business.

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The Cost of Growth

Every company wants to increase profits, and if you offer a great product and have a large and potentially growing customer base, you should be able to make more money, right? Not necessarily. Unfortunately for many businesses, there is a significant cost to meet the demands of adding more customers, and not every company can afford it. Some of the most common costs associated with business growth include:

  • Purchasing and maintaining new equipment
  • Leasing more office or warehouse space
  • Advertising to generate new business
  • Purchasing new inventory or raw materials
  • Hiring additional staff


How Invoice Factoring Changes the Equation

When you add up the costs of growing and running your business and compare them to the cash you have on hand it’s not always a balanced equation. Fortunately invoice factoring can tip the scales back in your favor by providing immediate cash that you can invest in business growth. You factor your existing accounts receivable invoices and in exchange you get access to the money right now instead of waiting several weeks, or even months, for customers to pay.

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Instead of waiting for overdue invoices while wishing that you had more available cash to meet your existing business needs and also start planning for growth, fill out our rate form today to find out if factoring could boost profits by giving you more of the money and the time that you need to reach your growth goals.

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