Why Banks Aren’t Always the Right Solution

Business decision makers have to think critically about the financial tools available to them. Working closely with advisors, analysts, accountants, and other financial professionals is an important part of staying abreast of the latest and most competitive programs available. Many decision makers turn first to traditional financial institutions, especially banks, for all their needs. While banks can provide many valuable tools to businesses of all sizes, many of these entities are not able to offer competitive terms on all commercial finance solutions. This is why many companies are choosing to work with multiple financial partners. Together, a commercial bank and a factoring company can provide you with a broader array of tools and a more comprehensive approach to AR financing.


Are Banks Really Better?

Banks offer many important services and will continue to provide numerous commercial finance solutions. However, banks have a broad focus and have to tailor programs to be attractive to a very wide range of clientele. Institutions that deal specifically with commercial finance are able to offer more targeted solutions and a greater variety of programs to the organizations they serve. Even so, their focus can be marginal.

Partner With an Agency That Understands Factoring

Working with a factoring company can be the best solution of all if decision makers are specifically interested in selling invoices. Since factoring companies focus on business finance they can therefore offer their customers a higher degree of service, more helpful answers, and even more competitive rates. Universal Funding is one of the best ranked and most trusted factoring companies in the business. Many of our clients who were declined by their bank, received funding by invoice factoring and were able to clean up some of the financial issues that led their bank to their decline decision. In turn they were eventually able to get approved for a traditional line of credit through a bank later on down the road.

Get a Rate on Invoices Today

Before you settle for the factoring program offered by a bank or even a commercial finance institution, take a closer look at what a company that specializes in AR financing can do for you. Begin by using our online rate form to get a quote on the value of your invoices.