What to Do When Your Business Needs Cash Fast

You’ve built your business from the ground up and can stand proudly behind its constant yearly revenue that exceeds millions of dollars. It takes money smarts to successfully build and retain a business even in a good economy. For some companies, there are times where cash starts to run a little thin no matter how smart you have been with your expenditures. If you run a business that bills customers cyclically, there may come a time where bills are due, payments have not yet been received, and you need to make payments on expenses for your business. Eliminate cash flow concerns by cutting costs and putting your accounts receivable to use by selling invoices.

cut costs

Cut Costs

 If you’re smart with money, you have likely cut as many costs for your business as possible. Be smart about energy usage, the materials you use, and even the number of employees you hire. Make sure every part of your business that you spend money on has a specific purpose that ultimately works toward your company building revenue. If something is unnecessary, eliminate it.

Don’t Let Accounts Receivable Gather Dust

If you are just sitting on accounts receivables that are not bringing in money, do something with them. Unpaid accounts are doing your business no good. Delinquent accounts are especially useless because that is money that is overdue and there seems to be nothing you can do about it short of sending it to collections. When your business needs cash fast and you have accounts that are still unpaid, you can sell them to Universal Funding. This gets you cash for those accounts and frees your time to get back to running your business.

We’ll Work With You

Steady cash flow is important for every business. Even when you’re smart with your company money, there may be times where cash is tight. We’ll work with you to find the cash you need. Call Universal Funding about invoice factoring today, or fill out our online rate form.

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