What Kind of Companies Factor Invoices?

A wide range of businesses and service providers have taken advantage of Universal Funding’s low rates and are factoring their receivables. It is easy to see that every one of our clients have different needs. Their needs are determined by location, industry, and customers. We take all of those things into consideration when we sit down with a prospective business that is looking into factoring invoices.


Since no two businesses are alike, we don’t have one blanket financing program to offer.

An oilfield consulting firm located in the southwest has different needs than a light manufacturing plant in the mid-Atlantic region. We service both kinds of companies, but have a different approach to addressing each of their financing needs. That is one of the differentiators setting Universal Funding apart from other factoring companies that work on a national level.


We customize a program that addresses your specific needs and is set-up to grow with you as your business grows. This ensures you have a consistent cash flow stream which allows your business to pay off vendors faster, invest in new equipment, and prepare to take on new projects. By partnering with Universal Funding you will join the ranks of other businesses across the nation that require fast financing to keep up with orders.


The cash flow solution that we provide will propel your company into the next phase of growth and expansion. Now you will have the freedom to take on a large project where you find yourself fronting a large portion of your cash resources upfront. Filling out a rate form is one of the fastest ways for our Business Development Team to follow-up with you to determine if our factoring services will be the solution for your company’s financing quandary. Call 1-800-405-6035 to get started today.

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