What Are Your Accounts Receivable Doing for Your Business?

If your company generates a healthy amount of business and income, you have likely designated a whole department to strictly managing your finances. This probably not only includes payroll, utilities, and leasing an office space, but also the management of accounts receivable, or your clients’ invoices. For the most part, those invoices just sit around until customers make their payments. In the meantime, what are they doing for your business? With accounts receivable financing through Universal Funding, you could expedite and streamline receiving a vital source of income that will help your business.

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A Vital Source of Income

Your company needs money to function. Everything you do comes with a price. In order to earn money, your customers need to make good on their payments so you can make good on yours. At the same time, when you use invoices to bill your customers, there is generally a period of time where you are waiting for payment to be received. It’s not good business practice to spend money before you have it, but you might need some extra income right away. With accounts receivable financing, you can use your invoices as a way to access that money without the wait.

Unpaid Invoices Can Hurt or Help

If your accounts receivable are just sitting in an office, waiting out their terms, they aren’t being of much use to your company. Delinquent accounts can especially hurt your business. Factoring invoices can help your business by providing you with a source of income when you need it most. To get the financing for those invoices, you need a reliable funding company.

We Can Help Your Business

Universal Funding can assist your business with accounts receivable financing and factoring. We can provide you with money and take unpaid invoices that are sitting useless in your accounts receivable department off of your hands. For more information on our financing and factoring options, contact us or fill out a rate form today!

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