Universal Funding Presents to Association of Finance Brokers

On Wednesday, June 18th Patrick Presley, Business Development Referral Manager, had the opportunity to present a company showcase about the factoring services provided by Universal Funding Corporation.  The audience was 30+ business brokers who are members of the International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. The IACFB has approximately 400 members who range from experienced to new to the industry brokers whose goals are to find their clients’ the best financing option.

The association’s organizer, Bob McMahon, has been offering company showcases each month for over 3 years and has an extensive audio library featuring guest speakers representing consumer asset finance providers, purchase order finance specialists, merchant cash advance services, equipment leasing funding sources, as well as other factoring companies.

This platform gave Pat an opportunity to inform a large audience about the types of industries that Universal Funding specializes in providing world class factoring services to, and what the “ideal” deal looks like.  In return the brokers in attendance learned about new commission opportunities by working with Universal Funding, as well as gaining a valuable resource to assist their clients in need of financing.

“This was a prime opportunity to let brokers know that we have a new commission program which offers a $250 or more first funding bonus,” stated Pat Presley, who manages broker relations at Universal.  “Often times brokers have a 2-3 month lag in getting paid from deals that they help to connect with a funding source; we want our valued brokers to start getting paid as soon as their clients receive funding.”

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