Universal Funding Corporation Goes the Extra Mile

At Universal Funding, we always approach a financing opportunity from the perspective of “how can we make this work”, rather than “what will keep this from working”.   However there are instances where we are unable to fund certain companies ourselves. This is usually due to the type of industry the company is in,  if the debtor has poor debtor credit, international location, or there  is a better type of funding suited for the business like Work-In-Progress financing, inventory financing, asset based lending, or a hard money loan.

don't just stand there

Because Universal Funding cares about the businesses that inquire about our services, and understands that time is a concern, we have developed an innovative referral network to find funding sources for those companies who don’t meet our criteria or that don’t need our type of financing.  Even if we can’t finance your business we will make sure you are referred to a funding source that is the best fit for your business model and needs.

In 2015, Universal was able to place approximately 50 businesses with other sources within our network, that went on to provide over $26 million in funding; saving jobs, saving companies, and growing the US economy.  One of the most noted successes of this past year was introducing a construction company that had over $2 million in tax liens with another factoring company that could meet their needs.  We work diligently to find the best financing solution for each company that comes to us.  If we can’t fund them, we always try to find someone who can.

We will always “go the extra mile” to bring hope to companies that might feel they are in a hopeless situation. If you are ready to end your financing search today, start by calling 1-800-405-6035.

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