Universal Funding Corporation 2014 Year End Review

After an extensive year-end review, Universal Funding Corporation announced today that they financed approximately $200 million dollars for over 130 businesses in 2014. A total of 64 new clients engaged in accounts receivable financing programs throughout the year. The new clients represent 25 out of the 52 states in the United States with heavy concentrations in California and Texas. Universal Funding is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest but their financing services are available to any B2B company in the United States with domestic invoices.

The factoring company spent the past year focusing on streamlining processes and training their dedicated employees to ensure a positive client experience.


In early 2014, Universal Funding’s Corporate Secretary, Monica Wozow systematically approached each department, reconfigured staffing and technology needs, scrutinized procedures to ensure that the highest level of efficiency and quality were being provided to Universal’s clients. Wozow’s 20+ years of industry experience was critical in fine tuning the customer experience at all levels of interaction. In the spring, Universal Funding sent a team to their industry’s annual conference to continue to learn best practices for the factoring company.


“At Universal, we’ve conscientiously operated under the assumption that we are only successful if our clients are successful,” said Henry Wozow, CEO of Universal Funding Corporation. “2015, we will continue to help companies grow and find the success that they are after.”

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