Universal Funding Continues Relationship with the Better Business Bureau

For the thirteenth straight year Universal Funding renewed their accredited status with the Better Business Bureau of Eastern Washington, North Idaho, and Montana.

“We recently invited the public relations and business development team members into our office for a face to face conversation,” shares Monica Wozow. “The local BBB went thru some organizational changes over the course of the past few years and we wanted to reacquaint them with our business, services and clients.”

The Executive team at Universal Funding was encouraged after the in person meeting and enthusiastically renewed their Accredited Status. “We were on the fence about renewing with the Better Business Bureau,” shared Universal’s President Kyle Bergstedt. “Over the past few years with we experienced a disconnect with the agency and questioned the benefits to our organization and to our clients. Those concerns were eased as the BBB’s representatives explained their goals in objectivity to protect both the consumers and businesses.”

The critical issue came down to how complaints to the BBB were handled. “It’s frustrating when our reputation is marred by reviews and complaints to the BBB from people representing businesses that we did not do business with. We went to extreme measures by engaging with Trust Pilot, a revered review site, to contact more current and even past customers for more reviews so a clearer picture could be presented in regards to our services and customer experience.”

The BBB also reassures that the number of complaints towards Universal Funding over the course of the past 13 years is extremely minimal in that that were less than 1 complaint for every 2 years. They also commend Universal Funding for how timely and professional they are in dealing with the rare complaints that do come through the BBB office.

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