Universal Funding Announces 20% Broker Referral Commission

Universal Funding, one of the nation’s leading factoring companies, announced today that it is unveiling one of the industry’s most aggressive and financially rewarding Factoring Broker Referral Programs.

“Not only are we providing amazing remarkable 20% residual commission for the entire life of a referred account, we’re also providing many of the sales and marketing tools for a broker to succeed,”  relays Kyle Bergstedt, President.

Universal Funding is offering a comprehensive broker support package that is more than just an extension of their already customer centric culture.  Other factoring companies offer broker commissions, but seldom do they offer the level of broker services, training, marketing, pre and post-sales support, and special knowledge that Universal Funding provides.

Here’s just a partial list of broker services being planned by Universal Funding:

> Offering the highest, most competitive commission at 20%

Easy to complete broker agreement

Easy form for referral submissions

Appointed Business Development professional

Fully transparent reporting

Monthly commission check

Training videos

Marketing collateral

Fast approval and funding for their clients

In the past, companies needing to stabilize their cash flow were forced to approach banks or private lenders for loans. These lenders in turn looked to the company’s hard assets for collateral. All too often the loans were turned down or came with personal collateral requirements. Factoring invoices can be done quickly without assuming debt because it uses the company’s assets, which makes for a great financing alternative.


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