UFC’s July Factoring First Funding Report

In July, Universal Funding announced their exciting new broker promotion of a cash bonus paid upon first funding on any referred broker deals. This is in addition to the most lucrative referral commission in the factoring industry that Universal Funding already pays to referring brokers and agents.

The 1st Funding Bonus Breakdown

When a broker brings in a new client that factors up to $500,000 in monthly receivables, the first funding bonus for the broker is $250. For new clients factoring $500,000 to $1M in invoices per month, the broker earns a $500 first funding bonus.  For deals where over $1M worth of invoices are factored each month, the broker will receive a $1000 first funding bonus.  The first funding bonus is in addition to Universal’s generous commission plan.

Universal Funding is pleased to announce their first payment as part of this program, with several more in the works.  The first deal was for a Southeastern IT company that is currently billing over $200k monthly.  The broker, a financial services consultant, met his client at a trade group show, and upon learning more about Universal Funding Corporations customized factoring programs, was happy to make the introduction. His first priority was always to help his client succeed, and knowing traditional loan programs were not an ideal fit for this growing business, he connected with Pat Presley at Universal Funding.

“This broker wasn’t in search of a personal windfall, he was trying to find the best funding solution for his client’s business,” shares Pat Pressley, Broker Relations Manager for Universal.  “It just so happens that finding the best service for his client also garnered him a bonus and an on-going referral commission.”

Business consultants, tax advisors, and brokers are encouraged to reach out to Universal Funding when seeking a financial solution that allows their clients an opportunity to grow and prosper.

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