Two New Ways to Help Your Business Grow

Universal Funding Corporation, a leader in the business finance industry, has two new ways to help its clients succeed and grow.

First, the company implemented eFactor, an innovative software application allowing clients to view account balances, get payment details, view detailed activity reports and directly upload invoices to be purchased; all in a secure online environment.

The software helps streamline the process of funding and eliminates the need to fax or mail reports when requested by clients. Universal’s clients have access to their account information anytime they wish.

With eFactor, clients can run real-time reports such as Debtor Payment History, Collections, A/R Aging, Advance Rates, Reserve Balances and more.

Secondly, since accounts receivable are vulnerable to unexpected losses but are typically the only major asset left uninsured, Universal Funding now offers AR insurance. This program provides in-depth credit analysis and ongoing account monitoring to provide early warning of potential credit risks before they become a loss.  This service provides valuable protection to the company’s clients against the consequences of customer insolvency and non-payment.

Universal Funding prides itself on providing workable solutions and customized finance plans to meet the needs of almost any company. Universal Funding’s strategic plan for growth includes providing clients with the best tools, funding and support to grow into highly profitable businesses. The peace-of-mind of accounts receivable insurance and the convenience of eFactor help meet those goals.