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Chris – All Pro Security

“Our company has tripled in growth since partnering with Universal Funding.”

Thank you, Chris! We’re happy to have served you and look forward to your continued success. Watch the following video to see what we were able to do for All Pro Security.

“Our company has used several factoring companies over the years, many of which are costly and frustrating to work with. Most of them, put a top priority on making money as their bottom line. I heard about Universal Funding and was extremely leery, due to all of my past negative factoring invoices experience, but I decided to give them a shot.”

“Universal Funding is a dream come true.
I highly recommend them.”

“Two and a half years later, I can now say that Universal Funding is a “diamond in the rough”. They put customer service first and have extremely low rates. They’re always there for my company, answering questions, giving us attention and support. Our company has tripled in growth since we became partners with Universal Funding and we will continue to grow confidently with Universal Funding steering our financial ship. Simply put, Universal Funding always goes the extra mile.”

“Recently, several factoring companies have approach me, but I would never consider switching, since Universal Funding is a “dream come true”. I highly recommend them.”