Tom Gilligan – VP Operations, AeroDynamics, Inc.

“We began with Universal Funding during a period of surging growth. This was compounded by the fact that our customers, some of whom are the largest aerospace companies in the world, were imposing 60-90 payment terms on us. The ability to factor our receivables same day was instrumental in allowing us to manage cash flow in an effective manner of our choosing. Universal Funding clearly gave us an advantage.

“In a technology driven industry, Universal Funding allowed us to stay on the cutting edge; ahead of our competitors and beyond our customers’ expectations. The AeroDynamics team dealt with the UFC team daily. They could not have been more expert, experienced, courteous, honest or professional … always, and without exception. Today, I would recommend Universal Funding to any company looking for a funding service that is proven and THEY CAN TRUST.”

Watch the video below to see what some of our other satisfied customers are saying about working with Universal Funding.

Recently Universal Funding began using the services of the revered review site Trust Pilot. The goal was to provide an objective place where current and past clients could go to share reviews about the services and experiences with our factoring company. Here’s what some of our 5-star reviews are saying:

“I’m not sure we would have survived without their help. The folks we do business with on a daily basis are GREAT!”

“Simply put, Universal Funding saved our company’s life…period!,” stated Pat, who has been a factoring customer since 2008. He goes on to say, “The service, help, and guidance we received from Universal, steering us through the recession and forward, has been invaluable. I’m not sure we would have survived without their help. The folks we do business with on a daily basis are GREAT!! When the bank we did business with began to flounder, we had nowhere else to go. Universal appeared out of nowhere. I’d recommend them to anyone!”

Michael, whose business is based in California, expresses that, “If you want a great funding company, you can trust Universal!”
“When things are tight and you need to be funded right away and can’t wait for 20 or 30 days then Universal Funding will get you funded every day. You can use your funds the same day and it helps to grow your business”

“This organization is absolutely TOP NOTCH. The best for my business!!!” Kirk goes on to say, “It’s hard to trust banks and financial institutions and as a business owner its difficult managing accounts receivable and cash flow. Universal Funding has stepped right up and done everything they promised and then some. I deal with a professional account rep who answers questions and gets cash to me quickly.”

At Universal Funding we weren’t surprised that every review commented on our staff . If you want to work with a factoring company that is flexible and understanding of your unique business needs and cash flow concerns call 1-800-405-6035.