Tax Lien Resolution

Invoice Factoring: A Valuable Tool for Tax Lien Resolution

Dealing with the IRS or a local tax agency can take up valuable time and resources for your business. Meanwhile, your revenue and employees depend on the continued health of your company. However, if paying outstanding taxes puts a stress on covering operating costs, you may have little options for securing capital to cover all costs. Many lending institutions will not work with you while you experience tax problems.

Invoice factoring can be a valuable tool in resolving tax liens and alleviating the financial burden they impose on businesses. Here’s how invoice factoring can help:

  1. Immediate Cash Infusion: When faced with a tax lien, businesses often struggle to meet their financial obligations and settle their tax debts promptly. By utilizing invoice factoring, businesses can convert their outstanding invoices into immediate cash. This influx of funds can be used to pay off tax liens, clearing the debts and avoiding further penalties or interest charges.
  2. Enhanced Cash Flow Management: Tax liens can disrupt a business’s cash flow, making it challenging to cover daily operational expenses, payroll, and other financial obligations. Invoice factoring provides a steady and predictable cash flow by advancing funds based on the value of invoices. This improved cash flow allows businesses to allocate funds more effectively towards resolving tax liens while ensuring continuity of operations.
  3. Reduction of Interest and Penalties: Tax liens often come with accumulating interest charges and penalties that can quickly escalate the amount owed. By accessing immediate cash through invoice factoring, businesses can pay off their tax liabilities promptly, reducing the accrual of additional charges and penalties. This proactive approach can significantly minimize the overall financial burden of tax liens.
  4. Improved Negotiation Power: Invoice factoring provides businesses with the liquidity needed to negotiate with tax authorities. Having the ability to make upfront payments towards outstanding tax liabilities can demonstrate a sincere commitment to resolving the situation. This may open doors for negotiations on payment plans, settlement offers, or potential reductions in the amount owed, providing businesses with more favorable terms for tax lien resolution.
  5. Preservation of Business Operations: Tax liens can have severe implications for a business, including potential asset seizures or disruptions in operations. By addressing tax liens through invoice factoring, businesses can protect their assets and maintain business continuity. The availability of immediate cash allows them to meet their tax obligations and focus on sustaining their operations without undue interruptions.

It is important to note that while invoice factoring can be a valuable tool in tax lien resolution, it is crucial for businesses to consult with tax professionals and legal advisors to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. They can provide tailored guidance on the best approach for addressing tax liens and utilizing invoice factoring as part of the overall resolution strategy.

Overall, by utilizing invoice factoring, businesses can overcome cash flow challenges, address tax liens promptly, and work towards restoring financial stability and compliance. Universal Funding has experience in resolving your tax issues as well as provide financing via invoice factoring so that you are able to pay down taxes and still have operating expenses covered.

Invoice Factoring as a Funding Solution

Factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, is the process of selling your company’s open receivables for a discount.

Since the approval process for factoring is different than for a business loan, your company can find funding through receivables financing even with a tax lien. Top factoring companies make approval decisions based on the lien amount in relation to your monthly volume and the details of the workout agreement with the IRS or local agency.

Businesses factor their invoices for a variety of reasons:

  • The application and approval process is much faster than the bank loan process. Instead of waiting for weeks or possibly months for bank approval, your business can access capital as fast as two or three days.
  • Because your business is selling assets to the factoring company, your company will not incur debt. The factoring company collects payment from the customer associated with the invoice you sold.
  • Factoring companies consider many variables outside of your company’s current credit or cash flow, focusing on the credit standing of your customer and their payment history. This allows businesses that do not qualify for traditional bank loans to qualify for accounts receivable financing.

Access Funds From the Top Factoring Business

Universal Funding works with businesses experiencing tax problems and liens. We can help your business access funding through the sale of your open receivables.

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