Switch Invoice Factoring Companies

Q: I’m currently working with a factoring company, but want to switch, can you help?

A: Yes. 

switch invoice factoring companies

Our team is skilled at buyouts involving other factoring companies.  We realize that when a company requires financing like invoice factoring they are typically on a tight deadline for when funds are needed.  Agreements are made in haste and sometime you may not realize how high the cost is with other factoring companies.  A healthy percentage of companies who inquire about our services do so because they are unsatisfied with their current factor.   Even if you are in the middle of an application process with another factor, we can review your invoices and make you an offer.  Once you have our proposal, you are under no obligation to accept an offer from us or any other factoring company. Even if you have started factoring with another factoring company, you can switch to us and we will manage the buyout.

As a leader in the accounts receivable financing industry, we try our best to give you a better rate than any other factoring company, we challenge you to give us a try.  If you’re unhappy with your current factor, fill out a no obligation rate form or call us at 1-800-405-6035 to see how much we can save.

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