Streamline AR Operations Through Factoring

Every department within a company has to function at optimal efficiency if the entire organization is going to remain mobile and responsive to changing market forces. Streamlining operations can be a complex undertaking but remains a necessary strategy for success. The accounts receivable department of your organization is likely to be one of the busiest and most in need of managerial support. Departmental function can be quickly made more efficient by simplifying the client account load that your AR team is supposed to handle. Factoring invoices is one good solution to this perennial problem and has the added benefit of generating a large amount of working capital that can be put to work in many useful ways.


Maintaining Departmental Priorities

An accounts receivable department has many important tasks to complete each day, so streamlining the workload is going to improve overall efficiency, which in turn has a positive impact on company efficiency. Factoring invoices through Universal Funding has many benefits that decision makers should be aware of:

We handle the processing of sending bi-monthly reminder statements

  • Pre-arranged billing cycles will be maintained for each client
  • Client payments are made out to your company, sent directly to Universal and are immediately applied

Your company’s AR team is free to handle the opening of new accounts and can focus on the needs of new clients. A number of current accounts are likely to require hands-on attention by your team. Factoring invoices that are already complete removes the burden from your team and allows them to dedicate their attention to open invoices.

Your Invoices Are Valuable

Client accounts and fulfilled invoices represent a significant financial resource. In fact, you can find out just how much they are worth by using our convenient online rate form. Not only will factoring provide you with valuable working capital to use in any way you wish, overall company efficiency is also advanced. Universal Funding is here to help your company achieve all your important goals.