Invoice Factoring for Staffing and Personnel Companies

Staffing companies especially benefit from factoring, as payroll often must be paid out 30 days or more before the company gets paid. It can be difficult to cover costs when cash is tied up in accounts receivable. Universal Funding bridges the gap between invoice and payment with debt-free immediate cash. We also provide accounts receivable management services that will free up hours spent invoicing and collecting payments from your clients.

Payroll Funding for Staffing Companies

Our in-house approval process allows Universal Funding to provide a versatile, flexible Payroll Funding program that is tailored specifically to your staffing company’s cash flow needs.

Growing companies can turn to Universal Funding for working capital on demand. We can fund start-ups, principals with poor credit, companies that have lost their line of credit and businesses that don’t want debt. We have helped companies with seasonal or uneven sales patterns and companies that may be headed for trouble unless they can rescue cash flow.

Other Industries We Serve

Turn unpaid invoices into cash

Don’t wait 30, 60 or 90 days for customers to pay. Get an advance on your outstanding invoices with invoice factoring.

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