Solving Your Company’s Urgent Cash Flow Problem

When your business needs cash before payments on your invoices are due, waiting for approval for a business loan is not a viable option. Your cash flow needs to be addressed immediately if you require funds urgently enough to seek funding solutions before your customers make their payments that are 30 to 60 days out due to terms. Factoring companies help cash flow issues by purchasing those invoices and providing the funds to you more quickly than you can collect them from your customers.


Cash Flow Solutions Through Invoice Factoring

Experiencing cash flow problems can be extremely difficult for you and detrimental to your business. If you cannot purchase supplies and raw materials, for example, your operations can stall. This could result in revenue loss, restricting your access to cash even further.

Financing your receivables is an excellent way to acquire funds quickly and easily, before you experience a major disruption in business. You can receive your cash within days—sooner than your customer payments and long before business loan funding. Invoice factoring provides you with a solution to your urgent cash flow problems:

  • Universal Funding can approve your application within a few days.
  • Accessing the cash is possible hours after establishing your account and receiving your invoices.
  • As you re-establish your cash flow, you will not need to budget loan repayment or interest charges.

Invoice factoring solves your cash flow problems faster than a business loan partly because of the fast approval process. These types of finance companies do not need to perform an in-depth examination of your company and your credit standing. Factoring companies are more interested in your customer credit strength and payment cycles.

Learn More About Factoring Solutions for Cash Flow Problems

Do not let an urgent need for cash have a negative affect your business operations. Universal Funding can help your company resolve cash flow issues. You can fill out our online rate form to request a no-cost consultation with one of our finance specialists today.

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