Selling Invoices – Cash In on a Valuable Asset

As a business owner, your day does not end when you find success in terms of sales and advertising, you still need to make sure your own bills are paid on time so you are able to continue your profitable venture. Balancing assets, purchases, sales, and overhead is a never-ending job, and sometimes, the systems get the better of even the most watchful businessperson. For times when you need a little help navigating through a cash flow shortage, you can turn to Universal Funding Corporation and our receivables factoring services.

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Cashing in on Valuable Assets

Other than cash in hand, some of the most valuable assets your business possesses are likely its accounts receivable. However, while most all accounts are considered a “sure thing” in terms of value and the probability of receiving payment, waiting for clients to pay their bills can seem like an eternity when it is time to order goods, pay employees, or make upgrades. Rather than waiting for customers to pay off their accounts, you can get funds almost instantly with the aid of a factoring solution. Sell invoices and receive cash; factoring is just this simple.

Getting a Great Rate

If your growing business needs a boost to get through a challenging financial situation, call Universal Funding Corporation at 800-405-6035 as soon as possible to discuss your potential financing opportunities. It is important to note that this type of service is not for every situation and business, and you must meet a few minimum requirements in order to qualify. Our team can quickly assess if selling invoices is a good fit for your needs. If we can’t provide you the funding you require, we will help you find another funding source.

If you would like to learn more about how quickly you can get access to cash, check out our rate form and consider the benefits of selling your outstanding invoices for capital that you can then use on any and all business expenses. Do not get buried under more debt or take on additional bills that you don’t have the means to pay, and instead consider selling your accounts to Universal Funding for a tidy lump sum.

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