Selling Invoices Helps Cash Flow

Selling invoices is a great way for a business to get money quickly when they need an influx of cash. Selling invoices is formally known as invoice factoring and is a popular way to get the money owed to a business without the hassle of debt collection or securing a loan with a financial lender. Invoice factoring involves a business converting their invoices to cash with a certain percentage of the owed money being paid to the lender. Invoice factoring is a creative, short term solution to get money when you need it instead of waiting for clients to pay their invoices.

Many businesses are turning to invoice factoring to avoid having to sell off any assets or to help fund payroll. No matter why a business needs the money they will not be turned down and will have the money in no time. In the current economic climate increasing cash flow can only be beneficial to the business. This financing tool is a flexible way to fund the needs of the business while avoiding the need to get a time consuming traditional bank loan, or bringing on investors who take a portion of your hard earned business. Universal Funding is an excellent choice for obtaining the necessary funds from your invoices.

If you are ready for Universal Funding to turn your invoices into fast cash, give us a call today at 1-800-405-6035 or submit a rate form for a free consult on your financing options.

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