Questions about Invoice Factoring?

The decision to factor your invoices could be one that provides many years of growth and profits for your company.

Like any big finance decision, you are likely to have some questions and concerns about the process and its implications, both short and long-term. With invoice factoring, one of those concerns could be what your customers, business associates and/or advisers will think of you factoring your accounts receivable.

ar financing

First, rest assured that accounts receivable financing is an incredibly common form of business finance used by small, medium and large businesses throughout the world. Even if you are new to the idea, odds are your bigger customers are quite familiar with the process, and even expect it.

Universal Funding has been in the factoring industry for over 15 years, successfully helping thousands of other companies grow and become more profitable. If you have a question, we’ve probably heard it before and can provide a concise answer.

Don’t take it just from us, though. If you have professional, trusted business finance advisers ask them about factoring, too. The good ones will be able to talk you through the many different kinds of factoring and which might be the best fit for your business.

As far as your customers go, the only change they might notice is where they send their payments to you. Your invoicing process doesn’t change and your invoices remain exactly the same save for a change in the remit-to address. You retain complete control over your company, your money, and your customers.

When you’re ready to discuss factoring with some of the best in the business, give us a call and we’ll happily walk you through our process while introducing you to our company and learning about we can help you.

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