PO Funding

Purchase order funding, also known as PO funding allows businesses to receive financing based on valid open purchase orders from customers. When a customer purchases goods from your business, Universal Funding will assess the order and could provide you with cash to be used to manufacture and ship the finished order. The amount of cash will vary depending on the credit of the customer, the cost of production and the amount of the purchase order.

 purchase order funding

A financing program consisting of PO funding and factoring accounts receivable is a common practice for manufacturing and fabrication businesses to stabilize cash flow, but  purchase order funding is not provided by every factoring company. This is where Universal Funding differs from the competition. We will review your purchase orders and determine if they are viable for funding. If so, you could receive the funds you need quickly and easily without incurring debt or having to go to a bank.

When you have the cash you need on hand, you can focus on growing your business and take on more projects. If you’ve found that you’ve met roadblocks when trying to obtain traditional financing, contact our Business Development associates at 1-800-405-6035 to discuss our purchase order funding programs. They will work with you and help you decide if it is a viable solution for your business.

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