Henry D. Wozow

Time and again, small to medium-sized business owners come to me with the same problem-cash flow. Often, they are a thriving business with no shortage of revenues, but their money is tied up in accounts receivable. They haven’t offered term discounts to their customers for paying invoices quickly; they lack the resources to collect on outstanding invoices; or they just received a purchase order for products they don’t have the funds to produce.

In the past, when faced with these problems, companies would turn to banks for a loan or line of credit. But recently, banks have tightened their lending requirements and are holding on to their money. Businesses that would have been able to get additional financing from their regular sources are finding that their line of credit has been capped or the bank is no longer interested in real estate collateral.

These are all situations that we, here at Universal Funding, can help with. Not only do we provide free advice for businesses, but we offer workable solutions. It is my greatest pleasure to work with a company and watch them grow to a level in which they no longer need our services. This is how I know we’ve done our job.

We’ve been helping businesses turn around their operations, increase efficiency, expand production, and grow in great strides for many years. Let us see what we can do for your company.

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