Meet Your Company’s Cash Needs by Selling Invoices

Your company thrives on profits. Without profits, your company has nowhere to go. You didn’t necessarily get to your $1 million + revenue state by sitting back and doing nothing. You were smart with your money and with handling your products and clients. Your company needs steady cash flow in order to survive. Cash helps you to pay your employees, pay for benefits, and pay for the basic bills that keep you in business. When you find that your company is in serious need of money for bills and more and you’re just waiting for clients to pay their invoices, it might be time to consider learning how to sell invoices for cash.

Delinquent Accounts Don’t Help

Selling invoices, also known as invoice factoring, means that you take your accounts receivable and sell them to a company for cash immediately. If you have delinquent accounts or your customers’ payment cycles have lined up for that perfect storm leaving you with no money coming in, it makes more sense to get the cash for those accounts now and let someone else handle the risk and handling of the AR. That is exactly what happens when you sell invoices for cash.

Your Company Needs to Keep Cash Flowing

It is frustrating when your company needs money, you know you have the money just waiting to be paid from customers, but it feels like there is nothing you can do. Loans are sometimes an option, but the application process and processing can take weeks to months. With invoice factoring, the process is immediate and there isn’t any repayment to worry about.

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Universal Funding can help you get the cash just sitting in your accounts receivable. You get to keep your business running by paying your bills, and we’ll take on the task of collecting money on the accounts. For more information, contact us today, or fill out our online rate form.

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