June Factoring Receivables Clients– Totaling $2.6 Million

Universal Funding Corporation welcomed eight new clients that started factoring receivables in June of 2014.  The factoring lines totaled $2.6 million dollars.

 “Our new clients are a mix of business consultants and IT based business,” shares Universal Funding’s President, Kyle Bergstedt.  “This tells us that businesses are ready to expand and are doing so by working with consultants and investing in tech.”

The new accounts that commenced factoring facilities in June include:

  • A $1,000,000 factoring line for an integration firm in Texas
  • A $500,000 factoring line for a consulting agency in the Bay Area
  • A $500,000 factoring line for IT consultants in Michigan
  • A $300,000 factoring line for a transport company in New Mexico
  • A $200,000 factoring line for IT specialists in California
  • A $50,000 factoring line for a trucking operation in Idaho
  • A $40,000 factoring line for a staffing agency in Louisiana, and
  • A $40,000 factoring line for an environmental consulting firm in Ohio

“When businesses are investing in consultants, IT, and bulking up workforces, it’s a sign of a healthier economy which is echoed in the recent announcement that the unemployment rate is at its lowest point since 2008,” shares Bergstedt. “Our business finance programs ensure that the growing companies, that are fueling the economy, maintain healthy cash flows to achieve success.”

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