Invoice Factoring Preferred Referral Network- Felony Case Study

Universal Funding is one of the country’s premier invoice factoring companies. For over 30 years we have helped thousands of companies from different industries convert invoices into cash. There are very few instances where we are unable to facilitate a factoring program for a business.

But what if we can’t put together an invoice factoring program for you? We won’t leave you stranded. We will make sure we get you in touch with another factoring company or funding source that specializes in your industry or handles your level of risk. For instance, Universal Funding recently reviewed an application from an oil field services company. The owner of that company had two non-financial related felony convictions. While the financial statements of the company were sound, the credit committee at Universal declined funding this prospect due to the convictions. Although Universal Funding declined the prospect, they worked diligently to find an alternative funding source for this company.

Through their extensive preferred network of highly trusted factoring companies and alternative funding sources, our referral team was able to find another provider that was willing to work with this business. Since engaging in a factoring program with a preferred funding source, they have factored over $750,000 worth of invoices over the course of four months.

The goal at Universal Funding is to help every business get the financing they need, even if Universal Funding is NOT the funding source for each deal. It’s a philosophy like this that makes Universal Funding the best choice when assessing which factoring company can best assist in improving your company’s cash flow needs.

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