Invoice Factoring-How Businesses Survive Extended Terms

Have you ever wondered how businesses that charge customers via invoices and extended terms can survive? Payment periods for invoices can be 30, 60, or sometimes even 90 days! How can a business possibly have enough capital to make it through those long periods without money coming in? They’ve got to be in deep debt, right? Wrong! Invoice factoring is the answer to many business’s money troubles. Invoice factoring allows businesses to have access to money that they have already earned without the long, agonizing wait. This money can be used to purchase new materials, hire employees, grow the business, or for whatever you see fit!

why wait

Invoice factoring works by transferring unpaid invoices to a factoring company. An invoice factoring company, like Universal Funding Corporation, purchases a business’s unpaid invoices and pays the business an advance worth a  high percentage of the total value right away. The business gets paid free and clear, no debt, interest, or ridiculous terms and conditions. Businesses shouldn’t be trapped by the long payment schedules of invoices. You need money to operate any business successfully, and by utilizing the services of invoice factoring companies, no business should be struggling with unsteady dips in cash flow. Get the money you need to run your business without begging at the bank!

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