Invoice Factoring for Fast Funding

As a growing business, you may not have the ability to wait the 30 to 90 days it takes for your customers to pay their accounts receivables. To keep your business operating smoothly, you need capital to pay for operational expenses such as materials, equipment and payroll. If you are in need of immediate financing for your business, invoice factoring may be the financial solution for your company

Universal Funding has the solution to keep your business running and growing by addressing cash flow shortages with a fast funding solution. If you have unpaid accounts receivables, or invoices, we can get you the funding you need in a matter of days. By using our financing program called invoice factoring, your business can have financing advanced to you in exchange for your unpaid invoices.   We will work with you to determine the highest advance rates possible.  Typically we can advance between 70%-90% of the value of the invoices you have already billed your customers.

Invoice factoring is not a loan which means you will not incur any additional debt! It also has lower rates than traditional bank loans, and Universal Funding offer some of the lowest rates in the industry as we are a direct lender. The process is streamlined and fast. To get started, fill out our rate form or call 1-800-405-6035 to speak with one of our Business Development Associates today.

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