Invoice Factoring Company Signs Over $16M in New Business

Universal Funding, a factoring company, to providing invoice factoring services to five new clients earned in October.

SPOKANE, WA, Nov. 9, 2015 – Universal Funding, an invoice factoring company, has signed on five new clients who will factor over $16 M over the course of the next twelve months. These new clients prove what a diverse portfolio Universal Funding manages.  All new clients serve varied markets and industries.

  • A $40,000 /month factoring facility for a powder coating operation out of Florida
  • A $150,000 /month factoring facility for a janitorial service provider in Georgia
  • A $200,000 /month factoring facility for a virtual reality consultant in Iowa
  • A $400,000 /month factoring facility for a drilling operation based out of Texas
  • A $600,000 /month factoring facility for an HVAC company in North Carolina

Traditionally invoice factoring has been a known financial resource for capital intensive industries like trucking and staffing. These days, CFO’s, and business owners in other industries have used accounts receivable financing as a reliable source of fast capital.  “We get to work with some interesting clients who serve niche markets, like our new client who is a consultant to virtual reality experiences,” shares Universal Funding’s VP of Sales, Jeff Kinservik, who signed this client. “Other factoring companies tend to specialize and focus on a certain industry like trucking and transportation, but we really enjoy getting to work with one of a kind companies. We see it more and more as payment terms are being extended out further from 10 days to 30 days and beyond.”

When growing businesses are equipped with business acumen and a financial solution that ensures cash flow is not a concern, the future is promising. Universal Funding is positioned to provide affordable financing to businesses in a variety of industries that are under-capitalized.

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