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Is it Possible to Have Growth AND Profit?

Growth or profits? That’s a dilemma that every successful entrepreneur will encounter at some point. For some business owners, profit is the priority right out of the gate. For others, profit is secondary to growth and can stay that way for years. Everyone, though, must eventually decide how to address the growth vs. profit question […]

How To Find Oil Industry Financing Services

The news from places like North Dakota and East Texas flows as quickly as the oil from these now-booming areas. In Williston, ND, the oil industry is causing as many headaches as benefits. The housing market is outrageously expensive; if housing is even unavailable. College students are leaving school for oil jobs. Others are  taking classes […]

Solving Your Cash Flow Crisis

Being in the business of cash, we talk a lot about its impact on our lives and our businesses. The economic recession that we slowly climbed out of has taught business owners many lessons on how to manage cash, but it has also left a lasting legacy that will likely continue even when the economic […]