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Factoring Broker – Join Universal Funding’s Referral Program

As a business consultant and factoring broker your ultimate goal is to help the businesses you advise gain quick access to financing. Your clients look to you for experience and knowledge that will help their company grow. Even if you have little experience as a factoring broker, we will work with you to provide your […]

Increase Revenue with Accounts Receivable Factoring

Use Accounts Receivable Factoring to Improve Cash Flow Is your business in a difficult situation financially and you are wondering what accounts receivables factoring could do for you? Accounts receivable factoring is a financing program that can provide you with immediate cash so that you can invest in your business, pay your employees, and keep your […]

Sell Invoices for Financial Stability

Are you thinking about initiating a sale of your accounts receivable for your business? If you are stretched financially with payroll pending and your customers are late on payments, you always have the option to sell your invoices for immediate financing. More and more companies expect extended invoicing terms or are slow to pay, which […]

Accounts Receivable Funding – Turning Assets into Cash Flow

Accounts receivable funding is a service that is becoming increasingly popular for small and medium businesses. One of the leading reasons why businesses will file for bankruptcy or have significant debt is because their customers prefer extended terms beyond 30 days.  This trend often puts additional stress on paying vendors for supplies and having cash […]

Factoring Invoices for Oilfield Businesses

There can be any number of reasons that a company needs access to fast cash. This is true for companies of all sizes, from single-owner to multi-national companies. But, with traditional credit avenues tightening, some companies can find it difficult to get the money they need quickly. This is especially true for businesses that provide […]

Accounts Receivable Factoring for Printing & Publishing Businesses

As an accounts receivable factoring company for businesses in the printing and publishing industry, Universal Funding provides the very best financial assistance for small and medium businesses alike. Accounts receivable factoring refers to a financial transaction that can be provided to your company, in exchange for using your current invoices, or accounts receivables, as collateral […]

Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies

When comparing accounts receivable factoring companies, there are plenty of details to focus on. While it is easy to believe that all companies are the same, nothing could be further from the truth. Our goal is simple: to provide clients with the best possible experience, including competitive factoring rates as well as the best customer […]

Accounts Receivable Insurance

Considering the reality of account receivables and billing customers, it is very important for a business to take action and protect itself. Specifically, a business should strongly consider investing in accounts receivable insurance. This policy can be very important, particularly for businesses that are experiencing sales growth and that actively offer credit arrangements to its […]