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Three Qualities Your Factoring Receivables Company Should Possess

Factoring receivables companies provide a quick and easy solution to cash flow problems experienced by businesses of all sizes, across many industries. Unlike banks and other financial institutions, a factoring company like Universal Funding can be more lenient when it comes to funding requirements. Business owners can get the funding they need by turning their […]

Accounts Receivable Financing with Universal Funding

Accounts receivable financing, also known as invoice factoring, is the process of a factor purchasing invoices and providing a capital advance. When a company makes a sale, customers are often invoiced or billed for payment for remittance at a later date. To be competitive, companies may offer terms at 30 or 60 days. This practice […]

Sell Invoices to Gain Funding

Rather than taking on additional debt, businesses in need of quick working capital no longer have to worry about qualifying for traditional bank financing. Companies can instead choose to sell invoices to a factoring company in exchange for the working capital they need. Here’s a breakdown of how it works: When a company sells a […]

Turn Your Invoices Into Cash

Turning an invoice to cash is one of the most effective ways for a company to keep their assets liquid and usable. However, many companies are unaware of how easy this process can be for their company. The process starts by getting approval with the best factoring company, which usually takes no more than a […]

Purchase Order Funding

Finance your next major order without accruing costly debt Avoid the hassle of trying to secure a loan with a credit company or bank and skip the hassle of creating more debt for your business! If your business has a steady stream of orders and clients but you still experience a cash flow shortage, consider our […]

PO Funding

Purchase order funding, also known as PO funding allows businesses to receive financing based on valid open purchase orders from customers. When a customer purchases goods from your business, Universal Funding will assess the order and could provide you with cash to be used to manufacture and ship the finished order. The amount of cash […]

A/R Insurance – How We Top Other Factoring Companies

Commercial lenders of all sizes are used to working with credit insurance companies.  The typical business owner or CFO may not have experience working with credit insurance companies to get A/R insurance.  So why is it that most other factoring companies expect their clients to obtain their own policies?? At Universal Funding, we carry the […]

Smart Business Owners Seeking Invoice Factoring Companies

Smart business owners are always looking for ways to improve their cash flow. Some have realized the effectiveness of working with invoice factoring companies. Factoring companies purchase the accounts receivable (AR) and provides business owners with necessary cash to pay for expenses such as payroll, inventory, office supplies, marketing, advertising and even taxes. While you could […]

Which Accounts Receivable Factoring Company Should You Sell Invoices To?

There are many benefits of selling your invoices to an accounts receivable factoring company. More businesses these days are selling their invoices to maintain cash flow and finance growth. Most small businesses have experienced a lack of cash flow from time to time and will need to explore other methods to settle payments for their […]

Invoice Factoring – A Green Light For Growth

Invoice factoring provides a whole new financial solution to address a business’ cash flow problems. It’s a fact that most new businesses fail within two years; the problem is mostly due to lack of cash flow. Even if you have a steady stream of revenue and are invoicing customers, maintaining a steady cash flow stream […]