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Factoring Broker Commission-An Easy Way to Earn Your Holiday Bonus

Factoring brokers are individuals or companies that work with a number of factoring companies or financial entities. When a business is looking for working capital or wanting to sell invoices and does not have the time to properly research all their options to determine which service will offer the best deal based on their unique […]

Receivables Factoring Companies-Reliable A/R Management

If you are a business who collects payment from clients and customers on an invoice system, you need to know about receivables factoring companies. Most invoices pay in 30, 60, or sometimes even 90 days, but what are you supposed to do in the meantime when you need capital to keep your business operating? With […]

Factoring Receivables Companies-Do Your Research

Companies seeking a cash infusion should research a variety of factoring receivables companies. For many business owners experiencing cash flow problems, receivables factoring provides the solution they are looking for in a challenging financial climate. When banks aren’t lending, creative financing options like factoring is the life raft that companies need to keep the doors […]

Invoice Factoring Companies-A Debt Free Financial Solution

When your business is in need of a cash flow boost, taking on debt isn’t your only option. Debt is risky at best for any business and comes with all sorts of strings attached: interest payments, limits, and high-pressure repayment schedules. But there is another financing option when you need to fill in the gaps […]

Factoring Broker Program

Earn Extra Money for the Holidays If you are a financial broker looking to partner with an experienced and reputable factoring company, contact Universal Funding to learn more about our factoring broker program. Our 20+ years of experience allows us to provide you with the highest level of expertise. Take advantage of our 20 percent […]

Selling Accounts Receivable- How Start-Ups Break Through the Cash Flow Barrier

Funding a start-up company is hard. As a matter of fact, one of the number one concerns for start-up businesses is ensuring an adequate cash flow.  Finding the money to fund day to day operations can be a daunting task, especially when customers default on the credit terms of their invoices. However, selling accounts receivable […]

Accounts Receivable Financing- The Way to Fuel Your Company’s Growth

Accounts receivable financing is an incredibly versatile and useful way for companies of all shapes and sizes to obtain the working capital they need to run their day to day operations, expand, or purchase new equipment. An accounts receivable factoring company will offer to purchase a company’s outstanding invoices, both current and aged, in exchange […]

How Successful Businesses Adapt to a Changing Market

Successful businesses are adaptable to changing market conditions. Selling accounts receivables in exchange for cash advances is the primary service provided by factoring companies. The factoring process fills a growing demand for cash for commercial capital that has grown steadily since banking regulations have grown stricter. Even prior to the great recession, factoring companies supplied […]

An Open Letter To Brokers in Commercial Capital

One of the most valuable services you can offer your clients is the opportunity to vastly improve their cash flow without taking on additional debt.  By helping them build their business, you also build your own trusted partner relationship and ultimately, increase YOUR business with them. What if you could offer this service as a […]

How We Compare to Other Accounts Receivable Factoring Companies

Accounts receivable factoring companies, also known as factors, offer businesses the ability to sell invoices in exchange for immediate funding.  Universal Funding  customizes accounts receivable factoring programs to fit your business and industry.  Our financing program will allow you to quickly generate the cash flow you need while not incurring any additional debt. The application […]