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9 Strategies to Help Your Business Recover After COVID-19

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Jump-start Your Business Post Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for small and large businesses alike. Even those companies that remained open during the pandemic saw dramatic falls in sales. And, of course, consumers have been badly affected by the crisis. Many people lost their jobs or were reduced to working fewer hours. The […]

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Annual Budget

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Create a Roadmap for Success with Your Budget Preparing an annual budget can seem like a time-consuming effort. You might even wonder if it is a worthwhile exercise for a small business. After all, the hours you spend crunching numbers on a spreadsheet could be better spent earning money. There are some excellent reasons why […]

10 Questions to Ask Before Giving Credit to B2B Customers

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Implement Robust Credit Controls When a new business-to-business (B2B) customer comes to you with a large first order, your immediate inclination may be to open a bottle of champagne. However, there are risks involved in all credit accounts that it would be foolish to ignore. The most obvious risk of providing credit is that the […]

Five Signs Your In-House Accounting Department Is Holding Your Business Back

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Should you outsource accounting roles? When you run a business in which your focus is on providing products or services to your customers, your bookkeeping and accounting efforts likely aren’t your core value proposition. Nevertheless, a well-run accounting operation is a vital part of a successful business. You need a strong accounting system in place […]

10 Ways to Retain Cash in Your Business Longer

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Keep Tight Control of Cash Flow to Improve Profitability Cash flow issues in a profitable company suggest a timing issue. It could be that you are keeping costs under control and hitting sales targets, but the profit that you see in your accounts never quite seems to materialize in cash. Accounting convention dictates that income […]

Pro Tips for Improving Customer Loyalty

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Bolster Profits by Focusing On Current Customers Your business can’t grow without continually acquiring new customers. However, it’s your recurring customers who are your company’s lifeblood. They not only drive most of your sales, they also provide free word of mouth advertising. Keeping their loyalty needs to be your company’s highest priority. If you want […]

10 Steps to Build and Maintain Business Cash Reserves

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Strengthen Your Balance Sheet with a Healthy Cash Reserve The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated, yet again, that nothing is certain in business. A perfectly healthy business can be hit by the unexpected at any time. However, companies with a cash reserve to fall back on are the most likely to survive downturns in fortune. The question […]

Ten Tips to Get Your Invoices Paid Faster

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What you Need to Include on a B2B Invoice Sales invoices may appear to be relatively straightforward documents. However, if you omit certain crucial pieces of information, it could cause payment delays. A sales invoice is not usually considered to be a marketing document. However, business to business (B2B) invoices will usually land on someone’s […]

Build a Better Business by Outsourcing

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Position Your Company for Steady Growth If your small business is suddenly doing better, you might think it is time to hire some new staff so that your business can grow. You shouldn’t be so quick to expand, though. While growth may be your ultimate goal, growing too fast can ruin your company just as […]

10 Common Customer Excuses for Paying Late and How to Overcome Them

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How to Keep Your Cool and Keep Your Customers Late paying customers are a constant problem for many businesses. When invoices are paid late it affects cash flow, and chasing the slow payers can waste a lot of time. It can also be frustrating to hear the same delaying tactics used again and again. Sometimes […]