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9 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Business

Coronavirus crisis help policy, business insurance or government stimulus to aid small business and entrepreneur to survive in COVID-19 outbreak, businessman try to hold life buoy with virus around.

  From Cutting Costs to Collecting on Payments, How to Survive an Economic Downturn Since the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve seen the sharpest economic contraction in modern history with a staggering 32.9% drop in the GDP. As a business owner, you may be suffering from the effects of the extensive economic downtown and wondering what you […]

5 Financing Alternatives for Small Business


Funding Options You Should Consider Right Now Running a small business can be a risky venture. Many small business owners borrow against personal assets to fund the cost of operating and growing their company. However, by doing so, the owners risk losing those assets, such as the family home, their retirement savings and more. There […]

How to Generate Positive Cash Flow for Your Business

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Explore the Many Options to Manage and Control Cash Flow Are you a small business owner who continues to have problems generating positive cash flow to effectively operate your business? Unfortunately, you are not alone as many small businesses are dealing with the same issue, especially now. The following articles offer ways to help you […]

5 Common Business Loan Scams

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Preserve Your Cash and Prevent Business Fraud Businesses often have trouble with cash flow so an offer for a business loan can seem very tempting. Many unscrupulous operators take advantage of the need for access to working capital and lure business owners into scams in which they part with their money and receive nothing in […]

Operate More Efficiently by Outsourcing

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Save Money and Do More with Less When times are tough, you need to cut corners at your small business wherever you can if you want it to survive. You can save on costs by outsourcing certain tasks rather than spending time doing them yourself or hiring new staff for them. In fact, there are […]

How to Deal with Upset Customers

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Defuse Tense Situations and Retain Loyal Customers In every business at some moment in time, there will be an angry or disgruntled customer. If you do not deal with the annoyed consumer in the correct way, you can make the situation worse causing unnecessary drama and possibly negative reviews that can damage your reputation. These […]

6 Ways to Survive a Downturn without Slashing Prices

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Recession-proof Your Business with these Simple Tips An economic downturn can spell disaster for a typical small business owner. Small businesses often run at a very tight margin, and may not have the capacity to cut prices or significantly lower costs. This presents their business leaders with some sizable challenges, and it’s not surprising that […]

How to Improve Your Business During a Crisis

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Tips to Keep Your Business Operating and Your Customers Happy Finding ways to keep your company operating during a crisis isn’t an easy task for most small business owners. Always staying proactive is essential to the success of your business, whether you are dealing with a global pandemic, an economic recession, or a cybersecurity incident. […]

Common Scams That Target Small Businesses

Protect Your Business Against Potential Threats You spend lots of time and effort in building up your business. Don’t let scammers ruin your reputation and damage your bottom line. Scammers are known to target businesses of all sizes. To protect yourself against these offenders, learn about the tell-tale signs that are typical of a scam […]

How to Avoid Bankruptcy During Difficult Times

Tips to Shore Up Your Business Finances Bankruptcy has always been intended as a “last resort” measure for avoiding total insolvency and financial ruin. It’s an important safety net for emergency situations, but it does come at the cost of a big hit to your credit score and ability to secure financing for the following […]