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Why Your Business Has No Cash But Makes a Profit

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Identify Common Causes of Cash Flow Issues Business accounts can be prepared in one of two ways. The first method of accounting is known as cash accounting, which means that transactions are only recorded in the books when money changes hands. If you are using the cash accounting method, your accounts will mirror movements in […]

10 Considerations When Selecting the Best Factoring Company for Your Business

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  Release Working Capital with Invoice Factoring Invoice factoring is a great way to release the working capital tied up in your sales ledger. But all invoice factoring companies are not the same. Indeed, some invoice factoring companies work on significantly different terms and conditions than their competitors. And, of course, some factoring companies have […]

Universal Funding Launches Newly Designed Website

  Universal Funding Corporation is excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit us at We wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. As a financial solutions provider, it’s important for us to make information regarding our services, how businesses can improve cash flow, and […]

How to Prevent Invoice Disputes Delaying Payment of AR Accounts

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Improve Customer Service and Cash Flow Invoice disputes are a common reason for the late payment of accounts receivable (AR) invoices. Sometimes, one disputed sales invoice can delay payment of the entire account. So, having a procedure to deal with disputed AR invoices is essential to improve customer service and help with a business’s cash […]

10 Tips for Determining B2B Customer Credit Terms

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Examine Impact of Payment Terms on Cash Flow Most companies operating in a business-to-business (B2B) sector will need to offer customers credit terms. If a company insisted on cash with orders, it would be hard to win customers in a competitive B2B market. Whenever you sell goods or services on credit, though, there is an […]

How to Collect Overdue Sales Invoices Without Losing Your Customer

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Keeping the Balance Between Collections and Customer Relations If you want to maintain a healthy cash flow, you must keep on top of your accounts receivable, and that will inevitably mean sometimes chasing late payments. But collecting overdue accounts must be handled properly, because, on the one hand, you must be firm enough to ensure […]

9 Quick Tips to Get Your Invoices Paid Consistently and On Time

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Create and Enact Policies to Ensure Customer Payments One of the biggest problems a company has when selling products or services to another business is invoicing and getting paid. You need to get paid timely. Late payments impact your cash flow, which can affect when you pay bills or produce new products. Fortunately, there is […]

How to Prioritize Who Gets Paid When Cash Flow is Tight

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9 Tips to Navigate a Cash Flow Crunch When a business is short of cash, paying the bills can become a significant headache. Then, the final demand letters begin to mount up, and every phone call seems to be an angry vendor demanding payment. It would be nice to be able to pay every bill […]

How to Get Started with Outsourcing


Follow These Steps to Implement an Outsourcing Strategy Outsourcing can help your company make better use of its resources. It can expand your company’s capacity without much increasing its costs. If you have never explored the idea of outsourcing, though, you may not know how to start implementing it in your company. This article outlines […]

10 Reasons Why AR Should be Viewed as a Customer Service Function

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Accounts Receivable Team’s Actions Part of Brand Experience It is common practice for accounts receivable (AR) processes to be managed by the finance department. After all, a sales invoice is an accounting document, and chasing debt is a finance problem. It may be practical for accounts receivable to be managed by the finance department. But […]