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How to Steer Your Business to a Post-Pandemic Recovery

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8 Tips to Get Your Business Back on Track The COVID-19 pandemic destroyed many businesses. And, for those that are left, the future is far from certain. However, as the economy begins to pick up again, it is time to take stock of how the pandemic affected your business and plan for recovery. Businesses that […]

Ten Cash Flow Management Tips for Business Owners

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Poor cash flow management is one of the most common causes of business failures. Now, that statement might seem a bit obvious. After all, it is clear that a business will fail if the outgoings consistently exceed the income and the cash runs out. But profitable businesses can experience cash flow problems as well. There […]

Factoring or Term Loan—Which is Best for Your Business?

Key Points to Consider When Deciding Between Invoice Factoring and a Term Loan It is not uncommon for a growing business to find itself short of cash. And an immediate shortage of available working capital does not necessarily mean that the company is in trouble. Indeed, an expanding business may need to buy equipment and […]

Tips to Improve Cash Flow Forecasting Accuracy

Accurate cash flow forecasting is easier said than done. After all, you are at the mercy of your customers regarding how much money is received each month. And, sometimes, unplanned expenses can put an unexpected strain on financial resources. Indeed, if you are expecting to see your actual month-end bank balance match your forecast to […]

How to Account for Factored Sales Invoices

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Try this approach to simplify your accounting process for recording invoice factoring Handling the bookkeeping of factored sales invoices is not overly complex. However, some accounting systems may complicate the process. And, if you have never recorded the various transactions associated with invoice factoring, the accounting can seem more complex than it is in reality. […]

10 Tips to Help Manage Your Accounts Payable


Implement Robust Controls to Allow for Healthy Business Growth It is relatively easy to keep a tight rein on expenditures when a business is small. But, as your company grows and you take on employees, purchasing can get out of control. And you could find yourself asking questions like, who ordered this? Or, why on […]

What is The Working Capital Cycle and How It Can Be Shortened?

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These Ratios Help You Understand the Working Capital Cycle There are many financial ratios and key performance indicators that can help you manage your business. So many that a small business owner could tie themselves up for days calculating and annualizing the various performance indicators. But suppose your business is profitable but has been experiencing […]

6 Tips for Managing Your Business Finances

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Follow These Tips to Maintain Positive Cash Flow Your business finances are crucial as they determine how you run operations and grow. Therefore, business owners need to learn how to manage their finances to avoid getting into a struggle that jeopardizes their investment. You should always be in control of the finances if you want […]

How Much Are Your Accounts Receivable Costing You?

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Understand the Hidden Costs of Unpaid Sales Invoices You know that carrying accounts receivable (AR) costs you money. After all, every one of the outstanding sales invoices on your aged AR report represents your money sitting in someone else’s bank account. But the cost of financing your accounts receivable is only one part of the […]

How to Manage Creditors During a Cash Flow Shortage

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Tips to Handle Creditors When Your Business is Short on Working Capital Cash flow issues are not uncommon for small businesses. Indeed, most small business owners will have struggled to pay the bills at one time or another. However, so long as there is a reasonable probability that a business can move out of its […]