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How Will Invoice Factoring Affect Your Customers?

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Learn about the minimal impact invoice factoring has on the customer relationship. Sales invoice factoring is a financing option for small and large businesses alike. This off-balance-sheet financing option releases the cash locked up in accounts receivable, improving cash flow and increasing liquidity. However, unlike other financing options, your customers will be aware that you […]

Why Do So Many Manufacturing Companies Factor Their Sales Invoices?

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How invoice factoring shortens the working capital cycle Any business that issues sales invoices to customers can benefit from sales invoice factoring. However, some industry sectors, such as manufacturing, have caught on to the benefits of factoring more than others. Manufacturing companies generally offer 30, 60 or 90-day credit terms, and that can be a […]

8 Accounts Payable Risks Businesses Must Guard Against

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Common AP Threats and How to Reduce Them Accounts payable (AP) is a vital function of any business. If vendors are not paid on time, supplies can be cut off, and the company could grind to a halt. But it’s not only the smooth running of an AP department that is critical. There is also […]

10 Accounts Receivable KPIs You Should be Tracking

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Key Metrics to Help Spot Trends and Performance Issues The aged accounts receivable (AR) report is valuable for managing customer credit accounts. You can see how much money is overdue by looking at the totals in the various aging columns. However, an aged AR report only represents a snapshot of accounts receivable at a specific […]

How to Switch Factoring Companies

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Why You Might Want to Switch Factoring Companies and How to Make the Transition If your company already uses invoice factoring, you will be familiar with the benefits of this type off-balance-sheet finance. Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing, speeds up the receipt of cash from sales invoices, provides a reliable cash inflow, and […]

How to Chase Overdue Customer Accounts Without Souring the Relationship

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10 Tips to Collect Late Invoices Without Upsetting Customers It would be wonderful if all customers paid their invoices on or before the due date. However, that is simply not the way things work. Any business running accounts receivable (AR) can expect some customers to pay late. Some people would never pay their bills if […]

National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week May 1-7, 2022

Celebrating America’s Entrepreneurs Spanning more than 50 years, National Small Business week, May 1-7, offers us the opportunity to celebrate the 32.5 million small businesses and the countless contributions they make to local communities, their part in bringing new ideas to life and growing the national economy. The Small Business Administration (SBA) theme for National […]

11 Warning Signs A Customer Account is About to Become a Bad Debt

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Take these steps to minimize your exposure Bad debts rarely occur overnight. There are usually warning signs that an accounts receivable customer is experiencing financial difficulties. If you can spot the signs of a customer struggling to pay their invoices, you can take steps to minimize your exposure. Here are eleven signs that a customer […]

How Rising Inflation Impacts a Business

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However, Effects of Rising Prices can be Managed It is generally accepted that moderate inflation is good for business. For one thing, inflation usually means the economy is growing, leading to higher demand. Inflation also encourages consumers to buy now rather than later. It can also make moderate price rises easier to sell to customers. […]

What to do When a Customer Won’t Pay Their Invoices

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10 Ways to Improve Collections and Cash Flow If you manage accounts receivable (AR), you will be all too familiar with the usual excuses for non-payment. The check is in the mail, my manager is away on vacation, and we sent a payment to you last week; these are just a few tactics people use. […]