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The Most Common Invoice Management Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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It’s likely you’re making at least one of these invoicing mistakes, but it’s not too late to put good practices in place. If your business sends out sales invoices, it’s a good idea to have your customers on a set billing cycle. This keeps money flowing into your company on a regular basis. Steady cash […]

How to Manage Your Business Through a Period of Inflation

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Inflation is roaring back. These tips will help you mitigate its impact on your organization. You’re no doubt feeling the effects of inflation at the gas pump, grocery store, and in supplies for your business. Economists are predicting that rising prices are likely to be a feature of the economic landscape for some time to […]

The Benefits of Invoice Factoring for Wholesale and Distribution Companies

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Invoice factoring simplifies cash flow management and eases burden of managing accounts receivable Wholesale and distribution companies often operate with lower gross margins. So, the pressure is on to turn around inventory fast. But, sometimes, customers fail to pay sales invoices on time. And that can leave a cash flow shortage that can lead to […]

How to Know if Your Business Qualifies for Sales Invoice Factoring

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Most B2B Businesses Can Take Advantage of Factoring Sales invoice factoring allows businesses to collect cash from their invoices as soon as an invoice is issued. The immediate receipt of most of the money due from an invoice simplifies cash flow management and releases funds that can be used for business expansion. Many businesses in […]

Small Business Financial Practices to Keep Your Momentum Growing

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4 Routines to Follow for Sustained Growth As a business owner, it can be valuable to get a hold of your finances effectively. The tools you have available with today’s technology can help you manage your finances more efficiently saving you time and money. In order to best sustain your business momentum, there are several […]

6 Finance Mistakes That Can Derail Your Business

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Avoid Blunders That Can Disrupt Your Growth Plans Many businesses are built not only on good performers and talent, but also with good management of finances. This is a key point in business growth, which makes it important to avoid mistakes that may derail your plans in the long term. With these notes considered, here […]

How Much Working Capital Does a Business Need?

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Knowing Working Capital Requirements Crucial for Growth Many businesses fail because they lack sufficient working capital. Quite simply, companies that lack the means to fund their ongoing operations run out of cash. However, working capital is not only required for day-to-day operations. A business also needs funds to develop new products or services as well […]

8 Reasons Why Expanding Businesses Experience Cash Flow Problems

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Overcome Shortages with Adequate Forecasting and Financing When the sales graph shows an upward trend, you would expect the bank balance to be on a similar trajectory. However, expanding businesses often experience cash flow problems. A shortage of cash during a period of expansion can impede growth and, in some cases, even cause the company’s […]

Ten Strategies to Avoid Small Business Overspending

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How to Keep a Tight Rein on Business Expenses A business owner has much on their plate, so managing the finances of a small business can be challenging. Consequently, it can be easy to spend more than anticipated and not discover the overspend until the cash flow gets tight. However, implementing the following processes will […]

10 Crucial Financial Metrics and KPIs for Small Businesses

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Monitoring the financial health of a business is crucial for success. When you have a thorough understanding of your company’s financial position, you will be able to make better-informed decisions. However, which of the many financial figures are most critical? Here are the top ten metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that every small business […]