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The Top 10 Most-Read Articles of 2021

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How can your business overcome the financial burdens of the past year? Over the past year, Universal Funding has published a variety of articles that explore topics ranging from financial forecasting and avoiding bad debts to managing your cash flow. Out of all of those various articles, here are the ones that piqued the most […]

5 Tips to Help You Collect Your Debts During the Holidays

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The holiday season can be difficult when it comes to managing your company’s finances. You tend to experience some pressure to end the year on a positive financial note, even as you deal with the fact that you have less working days at the end of the year. You probably have fewer staff members in […]

How to Manage a Business Cash Flow Windfall

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It’s true—businesses can sometimes find themselves with a temporary cash surplus. If you do experience a sudden incursion of cash, you’ll want to make sure it is well-managed or else it could soon evaporate. And, in some cases, an incursion of cash can leave you worse off than you were before the windfall. So, here […]

8 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Boost Cash Flow

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Create a Cash Flow Cushion for Your Staffing Business Balancing the cash flow of a staffing agency can be challenging. On the one hand, you have workers wanting to be paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly. And, on the other hand, you have customers who insist on 30-day credit terms or more. As a result, there […]

8 Tasks for Business Owners During the Holidays

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Holidays are a good time to reflect on your business now and into the new year. We think of the holidays as a time for gatherings with family and friends and for relaxation. Even so, an entrepreneur’s job is never done. There will be occasions over the holiday season when you can put your mind […]

Invoice Factoring Vs. Bank Overdraft—Which Is Best for Your Business?

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Compare the Two Forms of Business Funding to Decide Which Best Suits Your Needs It is always best to look at all the options when deciding what type of finance will be a good fit for your business. And, when you need a line of credit to boost a company’s working capital, there are various […]

10 Common Cash Flow Management Mistakes to Avoid

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Cash flow problems are often cited as the top cause of business failures. However, the root cause of companies going out of business is not always a lack of profit. What causes many business failures is a lack of adequate cash flow management. Cash flow management is a term that encompasses many things. Indeed, managing […]

Is Invoice Factoring Right for Your Business?

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Managing cash flow is one of the biggest headaches when running a small or medium-sized business. Even if the company is making sales and a decent profit, unreliable and late-paying customers can make predicting your cash position nearly impossible. As a result, collections take up a significant amount of time, as does the constant challenge […]

10 Tips to Avoid Bad Debts for Your Business

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How to Reduce the Risk of Writing off Unpaid Invoices Whenever you extend to customers, you run the risk of incurring bad debts. Of course, you can take out business credit insurance to cover the cost of unpaid sales invoices, but credit insurance can cost as much as 0.25 cents for every dollar of sales. […]

The Pros and Cons of Invoice Factoring for an Expanding Business

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Learn More About This Type of Flexible Business Funding If your business is expanding, you might be experiencing cash flow issues, and this situation is far from an uncommon problem. An expanding business needs the cash from its sales to fund the next round of purchases. But when sales invoices are outstanding for 30, 60, […]