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8 Key Sources of Alternative Finance for Small Businesses

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Top Funding Alternatives to Traditional Lending Lending standards for business loans tightened during the third quarter of 2022, with weaker demand for commercial and industrial loans for companies of all sizes, according to a recent Federal Reserve survey**. As large banking institutions are reluctant to lend to small businesses, and those that do commonly have […]

How Businesses Can Recover from a Recession

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Strategies for Bouncing Back During Tough Times It’s no secret that the economy can be tough on businesses. If your company has found itself struggling to recover from previous recessions or if you simply want to prepare in case of one in the future, you’re not alone. Many businesses find it difficult to bounce back […]

How to Eliminate Your Small Business Debt

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7 Steps to Quickly Pay Off Your Business Debt It can be a dreadful feeling to have to deal with a mountain of debt, especially when the debt threatens your business. Fortunately, it’s possible to take steps to bring your debt under control and quickly improve your cash flow. If you’re a business owner and […]

What Are the Best Ways to Improve Cash Flow for Your Business?

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7 Techniques to Increase Working Capital As most business owners know, managing cash flow is essential to the survival of a business and needs to be carefully controlled. Cash flow indicates the well-being of a company and helps to determine a company’s ability to pay its bills such as payroll, rent, and vendors. Unfortunately, lack […]

The Most Common Reasons Your Business Loan Request May Be Denied

If you have been recently denied a business loan despite having a good credit score, then you may be hesitant to start on your next application. There are several other factors that come into play when loan providers evaluate a request. Some of these factors are influenced by other conditions outside of your credit score. […]

How Inflation Influences Business Cash Flow

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Poise Your Company for Growth Periods of high inflation can be worrying for a business owner. However, things might not be as dire as you fear. Indeed, economists believe that low levels of inflation can drive economic growth as the Federal Reserve targets an annual inflation rate of two percent. The other crucial fact to […]

10 Practical Tips to Boost Cash Flow in Your Business

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Every cent of cash you have tied up in overdue customer invoices or unused stock is costing you money in interest as well as the opportunity for expansion and growth. You could increase sales to increase money coming into the business or you could consider restructuring your finance arrangements. However, there are some more straightforward […]

6 Proven Ways to Secure Financing for Your Business

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Good Business Practices = Good Funding Prospects Obtaining the funding needed to expand your business can be frustratingly difficult, but knowing what to expect when searching out financing options can be the difference between success and failure. Getting financing can help a business progress to the next level and become more profitable. These tips will […]

How to Future-Proof Your Small Business Finances

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Tips to Ensure the Long-term Success of Your Company Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They create jobs, stimulate innovation, and drive growth. However, many small businesses struggle to stay afloat due to financial instability. To future-proof your business finances, it’s wise take a proactive approach and make prudent financial decisions. Following […]

How to Increase Working Capital in 5 Simple Steps

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Quickly Reduce Costs and Improve Profitability Most small businesses operate on a tight budget while trying to grow its customer base and profits. You simply can’t afford to make any mistakes in your budgeting as you can easily find yourself in the red. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a huge, venture capital fund to […]