I Need Access to Money During Tax Season


It’s tax time and my company owes taxes.  I don’t want to extend any later than necessary and I don’t want to accumulate late fees/rates.  What is the quickest way to get financing that covers this unexpected expense?


You can use invoice factoring to quickly get the money you need. Factoring can provide you with the funding you need to meet your tax obligations.  It is wise to address your tax issues before liens are issued because tax liens are public record and can negatively affect your company’s ability to conduct business and obtain future funding.  By factoring invoices, you can file your taxes and make an immediate payoff, thus avoiding fines and penalties as well as a negative mark on your business’s credit profile.

 factoring invoices

Invoice factoring, also known as accounts receivable financing,  is not a loan, therefore there are no restrictions placed by us or anyone else on how you use the financing monies.  This means that you can use the money from the factoring transaction to address any financial need your business might have.  This includes day to day expenses, funding an expansion or even covering your tax fees.  As a matter of fact, we won’t even ask you what you are using the money for.  We will simply review your invoices and provide an advance to free up your cash flow.  This is fastest way to free up cash to pay the taxman.


If you are ready for Universal Funding to turn your invoices into fast cash, give us a call today at 1-800-405-6035 or submit a rate form for a quick rate review.

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