How to Turn Invoices into Cash

If your business is suffering from a lack of cash flow, you are probably wondering where you can turn to get quality commercial funding. While the thought of applying for a business loan has probably crossed your mind, there is a better way to get the cash you need faster and easier than getting a bank loan.

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How to Turn Invoices into Cash

Accounts receivable financing refers to the process whereby companies sell their open invoices to a third party factoring companies in exchange for an advance of operating cash. These transactions offer businesses the opportunity to secure fast cash that can be used for any reason, quickly and without complicated qualifications like those required by traditional commercial loans. Accounts receivable financing is a simple sales transaction that allows companies to get extra capital they need to fund an expensive equipment purchase, the purchase of additional raw materials to cover a large order, or to simply cover payroll and other day to day operating expenses when cash is running short. Accounts receivable financing is also a great way to handle defaulted invoices by allowing companies to turn past due invoices into near instant cash without having to jeopardize customer relationships. Accounts receivable financing is a great alternative to traditional financing for many businesses by turning invoices into cash assets. For more information, give Universal Funding a call at (800)405-6035 or submit a rate form today.

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